3 Bedroom Off Plan Apartment On Sale Nyali Ksh 7,500,000/per Unit Two Bedroom Apartment On Sale Nyali Ksh 7,500,000/per Unit Three Bedroom Apartments On Sale Nyali KSh 11,000,000/per Unit

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At the end of the day, we want a home that matches our lifestyle. Benford Homes knows that and promises clients their agents are ready and waiting to help them find the perfect fit in life that matches their dreams.


For many of us, buying a home is a dream and one that’s not easily attainable. Benford Homes welcomes those of all budget’s, promising to help them achieve their dreams.


With every move, we want our situation to improve, our life to become better, and our home to become more beautiful. Benford Homes structurally outperform in every region, and every sector.

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Ask: All The Right Questions

Research for client and situation background and assess and understand the market situation


Think: Analyze the Data

We use the information to craft the way forward


Do: Create effective execution plans

- We get the best location - We get the rightful paperwork - We get the job done. Better and Faster

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