Important questions to ask before buying land in Kenya

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Kindly note that these questions presume that the property in question is top in your list of options.

  1. Where is the land? (establish the physical location-might require presence of experts)
  2. What is the size? (Does what the vendor says match with what is on the ground?)
  3. What are the prevailing physical conditions of the land? (water logged when it rains? Quick sand? Area prone to mud/landslides? Flood plain? Terrain- determines usability %; quarries? Existing structures-might mean extra investment in running them down; and any other physical aspects that would act as limiting/promoting factors
  4. Neighborhood; who lives there, what kind of relationship do they have with this property?
  5. Is the sale/asking price within the prevailing market rate?
  6. Can you project the future of the place?
  7. What are the services available (or nearby), KPLC connection, water.
  8. Access; How accessible is the place? Is the access way mapped (does it appear in the government survey plans?)
  9. Sometime, if you can establish the genuine reason(s) as to why the land is being sold, it would be a good thing.
  10. What are the payment terms?
  11. Who are you dealing with; agents/owner/third party with power of attorney?
  12. What are the relevant user user regulations for the area; what are you allowed to do on the land or/and not to do?

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